Zohaib Khan

Software Engineer

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About Me

You may think that this is just another static website. However, this was a project so that I can learn more about CI/CD. This server that you are on right now is actually hosted on my own server.

My code is being deployed via Gitlab which has a continuous integration tool, so every time the master branch gets updated, a new docker instance begins to make a connection to my server and deploys the new updates! Pretty cool, huh? :-)


MoneySuperMarket - Manchester City Centre

Software Engineer - Extinguish team

  • Team is responsible for decommissioning legacy systems via the introduction of new services
  • Currently championing the development of a serverless backoffice tool using Vue, S3, Cloudfront, AWS Lambda & Cloudformation with Okta authentication. Decommissioning a legacy .NET backoffice tool
  • Successfully delivered renewal email service which is responsible for ~30% of company revenue (~£120m) per annum in a horizontally-scalable kubernetes solution (Java 11, Spring boot, AWS, K8s)
  • Work heavily involved investigating the AWS and Spring APIs to integrate a custom multi-threaded SQS producer-consumer implementation for our 4 main channels (Motor insurance, Home insurance, Energy and Partners)
  • Utilized the Amazon Web Services SDK with Spring Boot to integrate S3 & SQS into our microservices
  • Improved performance of SQS message consumption and task processing rate by ~50% (150 rps to 300 rps, bottle-necked by external services) via a multi-threaded & Kubernetes multi-replica solution as well as HTTP client configuration. Service was capable of publishing at a rate of 5000 SQS messages per second and consuming at 3000 SQS messages per second
  • Mobbing and pairing was imperative to our success in delivering services to production
  • Founded a Backend Guild, and hosted a "Zero to Production" workshop with ~30 attendees where I helped people develop, test & deploy an AWS Lambda with API Gateway into a production environment
  • Technologies & concepts include Java 11, Spring, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Vue & working with multi-threaded event-driven systems

MoneySuperMarket - Manchester City Centre

Software Engineer - Oxygen team

  • As part of the energy team, I work on the final part of the user journey when our service switches their energy provider for them without leaving the site
  • Using Java 8, Spring, Docker, AWS, JS, JUnit, Mockito, GitHub/Bitbucket & IntelliJ in an agile environment

The Hut Group - Omega, Warrington

Software Engineer

  • Promoted for good performance to a mid level software engineer

The Hut Group - Omega, Warrington

Graduate Software Engineer

  • Developing on a large scale custom built Java & Spring web application that runs the warehouse, from front end for administrators to the back end for better stock allocation
  • Independently completed a high-value project which introduced a new workflow that allowed goods-to-man picking of products, freeing up a large portion of the warehouse floor as well as reducing staff requirements in the dozens, which was highly commended by tech leads and operations managers
  • Other tasks include deploying releases, regular on-call as well as live instance debugging
  • Using Java 8, Spring, JUnit, Mockito, Linux, JIRA, GitHub & IntelliJ in a Scrum environment

Global Rahmah Foundation - Manchester

Part-time WordPress Developer

  • Developing WordPress front/back-end as well as maintenance of site
  • Reduced server memory and load times by seconds through caching, image compression and cloud file storage, allowing us to serve high resolution images

Manchester University Islamic Society –

Campaigns Subcommittee Leader & Webmaster

  • Organized & led social, religious & educational events for 4000+ students on campus
  • Co-led a two-week charity campaign raising £38,500+ vs record of £15,000
  • Redesigned website to improve user experience and performance


University of Manchester

Sept 2014 - June 2017

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science 2:1

Loreto College

Sept 2012 - June 2014

A levels: Maths A* Spanish A Further Maths B Physics B



Blog Website containerisation project

  • Created WordPress blog with docker-compose utilizing automated SSL certificate renewal services backed with NGINX
  • Migrated personal website to use docker containers to make deployments and dependency management easier
  • For more information, see my blog post

Personal website project (You are here!)

  • Cloned an existing project to Gitlab repository to make use of continuous integration and learn about deployment architecture as well as server maintenance
  • Created a pipeline using a yml script that is executed whenever the master branch is updated via a docker instance which securely connects to my Raspberry Pi web server at home and deploys new updates
  • Created fully functional blog from subdomain which is maintained and used by myself
University of Manchester logo

Bookshelf Spine Reader (Computer Vision) - Grade 71%

  • Text recognition program for reading spine text of books across a bookshelf for visually impaired users using several Computer Vision techniques (Matlab)
  • Wrote 6000 word report covering approach, implementation & testing/reflection
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Udacity Android Fundamentals Nanodegree by Google

  • Made 5+ Android applications (see GitHub) as part of the course. Amongst other things I learned the basics of Android, SQLite, creating CRUD apps, threading and interacting with HTTP services/APIs such as the Google Books RESTful API
  • Final project was an inventory management app to track item sales, product images & email suppliers
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